Michael Dvornichenko
Solution Architect
Michael Dvornichenko
Solution Architect

Digital Solution Architect, founder of R&D company SK.AI and educational project SK.AI Academy.

  • Activity Designing IT solutions
  • Consulting

  • Experience Design of software, hardware and organizational solutions
  • Building R&D teams

  • Small team management

  • Project management

  • Project budgeting
Expertise in areas

Algorithms Development

Data structures and algorithms

Data Mining

Statistic Analysis

Cluster analysis

Time series analysis

Spatial-temporal process analysis (HMM, POMDP)

Statistical decision making


Artificial Intelligence

Fuzzy systems

Evolutionary and genetic algorithms

Artificial Neural Networks

Ontology Expert Systems

Knowledge Discovery

Machine Learning

Digital Signal/Image Processing

Computer Vision

Pattern Recognition

Face recognition

Voice recognition

Media artifact search/recognition (image, audio, video)

Target tracking (in video)

Multimodality imaging

Image quality enhancement (subpixel, edges, contrast, ...)

Digital signal processing

Digital filtering, filter design and analysis

Audio processing and analysis (including speech and music)

ROI detection (image, video, audio)

Tracking systems


Biometrics Security System Design


Econometric modeling

Quantitative Financial Analytics Engineering

Financial signal processing, Financial and economic analysis

Business model simulations

Synthesis of adaptive scenarios


Control systems engineering

Industrial control systems

Control systems in power engineering

AMV control systems

Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) algorithms

Intellectual control systems (fuzzy, adaptive, cognitive)

Adaptive Control

Multi-Agent Complex Adaptive Systems

Behavioral control systems

Control theory

Simulation modeling

Augmented reality