Michael Dvornichenko

Michael Dvornichenko

Business Solution Architect. Founder of the SK.AI R&D company and Educational project SK.AI Academy.
Co-founder and Head of the “Save Ukraine Life” Charitable Organization 

IT solution design

IT consulting and audit

Building R&D teams

Team management

Project management

Project budgeting


Bachelor / Master: Faculty of Physics(Donsetsk National University), Department of Intelligent decision making systems;

Postgraduate: Institute of Industrial Economics, Ukraine National Academy of Sciences;
Specialization: Economic and mathematical modeling


Algorithms and data

Economics and finance

Computer vision and digital signal processing


Examples of completed projects



ERP system for a machine-building enterprise

  • technical preparation of production;
  • manufacturing control;
    material and technical supply management;
  • cost management;
    accounting for production costs;
  • sales and marketing;
  • accounting and tax accounting;
  • cash and settlement and financial transactions;
  • fixed assets and intangible assets;
  • personnel Management;
  • planning and payroll accounting;
  • analysis of economic activity (outline of the head);
  • system development tools;
  • system administration.

Electronic document management system for food industry enterprises

Electronic Document Management System for a Solar Cell Manufacturing Enterprise

  • Registration and entry of contract attributes
  • Configuring the scheme of approval and approval of the draft document (route designer)
  • Automatic reminders
  • Tracking the status of the contract, controlling the timing of development and approval
  • Approval of the draft document
  • Document approval
  • Storage of contract documents in various formats
  • Document search

Intelligent system of economic forecasting for the situational center of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

  • Development of economic and mathematical models for forecasting the industries of the region
  • Statistical analysis
    Semantic analysis of documents (bills)
  • Distributed data processing

Warehouse Management System (WMS) in a leather processing plant

  • Machine vision module for quality control of raw materials on a conveyor belt
  • Module for automatic measurement of cargo dimensions on a forklift
  • Module for automatic calculation of a free cell in the warehouse, taking into account the dimensions of the cargo and indication of the cell
  • Module for visual indication of the place of loading
  • Alert and navigation module for trucks in a warehouse

Development of an ERP system for the main department of urban planning and architecture

  • Land cadastre module
  • System for digitizing topographic plates and converting to AutoCad
  • Accounting system for receiving / issuing topographic maps
    Object recognition from satellite images and aerial photographs

Information system of preliminary warning about danger at an industrial enterprise

  • Monitoring worker activities (machine vision)
  • Control of the operation of industrial equipment
  • Visualization of problem areas on the plan of the building of the enterprise

An advisory information system for assessing the quality of work of departments and employees of enterprises

  • Assessment of the quality of work
  • Employee rating
  • Visualization of problem departments on the building plan (for managers and executives)
  • Analysis of the employee’s efficiency at the computer
  • Identifying employee fatigue
  • Fixing the decline in employee performance indicators

Vehicle Traffic Control Information System (Traffic Sign Recognition, Hazard Control)

Applicable for work on the territory of industrial zones (territory of factories)

Information Security. Corporate system for analyzing information flows of an enterprise

  • Intra-enterprise network packet control
  • Monitoring and control of digital data of employees at the workplace
  • Monitoring personal pages of employees in social networks for the purpose of identifying potentially dangerous content that can cause reputational damage to the enterprise

Solar power generation forecasting system

Forecasting electricity production taking into account meteorological factors

Hardware and software complex for support of decision-making for local council deputies

  • Electronic voting module
    Session protocol
  • Auto-generation of documents
  • Data backup
  • Data protection

Module for analyzing the degree of human involvement in the game process based on artificial intelligence (for online games)

  • Player engagement analysis
  • Changing the difficulty of the game and generating content depending on the engagement rate

Augmented reality. Recognition of visual markers and overlay of augmented information

  • Recognition of graphic markers
  • Face contour recognition
  • Recognition of face elements (eyes, nose, mouth)
  • Recognition of natural markers (buildings, cars)

Employee muscle memory trainer based on virtual reality and neurocomputer interface data

  • Development of an algorithm for analyzing signals from the brain
  • Identifying markers of fear, calmness, uncertainty
  • Generation of virtual content based on identified markers