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OwnCloud. Error Archives of type application/octet-stream are not supported (Solution)

OwnCloud was installed via cPanel on the server using the softaculous service. Before installation, you need to activate the modules in the PHP settings: mbstring intl zip Even if you…

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Augmented Reality Technology Review by the case Pokémon Go

Today there is no person who would not hear about the game Pokemon GO. Some became her fans, others do not hold back criticism. One way or another, the game…

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How Leap Motion and Microsoft Kinect work. Short review.

The Leap Motion device appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already managed to win its user audience, which continues to expand. The scope of this technology…

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DVR Front

How to reset the password of Chinese DVR h.264

I have an 8-channel DVR bought for $ 50 in China. It so happened that I forgot the password for the accounts .... probably sclerosis :-). Of course, the question…

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